Our Story

Il Biscione has established itself in Concord as one of Sydney’s finest providers of traditional Italian cuisine. Head chef Alessandro has spent over 20 years following his passion for delivering the finest Italian food and creating a unique experience in which his customers may indulge. His menu encompasses unique flavours reminiscent of the Italian landscape, including such gems as the Sea Urchin Crostini, Ox Tail Croquettes, Potato Mushroom Terrine and more. Complete with a luxurious atmosphere and convenient setting,

Il Biscione is the perfect destination for indulging in an Italian escape.

About Alessandro

Born in a traditional Italian family Alessandro quickly understood the connection between farming and growing simple ingredients which would be transformed into delicious dishes. Watching Mamma cooking and helping Papa and Nonno picking fresh veggies from their land, made the boy curious about cooking. But how to do it if Mamma never allowed him in the kitchen?

Years later, at the age of twenty one, Alessandro left home to follow his passion. Landing in Ireland, Dublin seemed to be a perfect place to start, but it was in Edinburgh where he had a little taste of what he could do, cooking for Scotland’s first minister and Sean Connery, but something wasn’t quite right yet, He needed the colors, the warmth, something vibrant, or better, to go somewhere vibrant. Alessandro came to Sydney. It’s being nine years since he came to Australia’ shores and also, where he met Christina, His wife and mother of their two kids, and his commander in chief in this venture.

His food at Il Biscione represents his history, from the memories of a young boy sensing the smell of home made slow cooking stew on a sunday using fresh veggies, to preparing his daughter’s school lunch. “Food reminds me home, a way of celebrating life, every moment we can get together with family and friends and from a chef’s perspective, that’s how I express myself, as a person, as family man.”

Alessandro, Il Biscione