Looking for an Italian Restaurant near Burwood?

We are an Italian Restaurant in concord, just minutes away from Westfield Burwood. You will love our food from the unique flavors to entice your taste buds and bring you into a new mind-scape of well being and enjoyment. Our home made pasta will create unique experiences that customers like yourself will remember.

The Head Chef Alessandro has over 20 years experience cooking the some of the finest Italian dishes. Our head chef has a passion for using simple, yet fresh ingredients that to prepare some of the most incredible food and dining experiences.

20 years of food craft and love has been used to create Chef Alessandro’s Menu, which is why Italian Restaurants in Burwood try and follow his style, but have not succeeded.

Feast in Concords finest Italian eatery, located near burwood, we are sure that your taste buds will allure you back to attempt our fundamental Italian menu.

Eating at Il Biscione is more than an incredible Italian experience. Call us today on (02) 9743 0999.

Italian Restaurant Burwood

About Alessandro, Burwood

Head Chef Alessandro was born into a traditional Italian family. From a young age Alessandro learned about the importance of work from his Nonno whom used take Alessandro to help her pick vegetables.

Alessandro got his chance to unleash his passion and love for food where he cooked for Scotland first minister and Sean Connery, but this didn’t fulfill this talented chef.

Il Biscione

The food at Il Biscione represents a memory, a thought an experience, Allessandro’s cooking is a tribute to his home; mamma, papa and nonno. He is sharing his love for food, his love for family with his customers. The chefs perspective of his restaurant is this, customers are my guests- “Let them eat”, as I am a family man, and this is how I express myself.

Italian restaurant Burwood