Why You Should Read to Your Baby

Kicking up your feet and getting started on a captivating read is probably high up on the list of best feelings to experience. And even if you’re not quite the reading person yourself, your baby still needs these reading sessions in his life! Wondering when to start the process? Well, there’s no age limit on it and you definitely don’t have to start once they themselves begin to talk. In fact, the earlier you start the better and why is that? Read on for more!


Let’s face it, all things considered, this is the least stressful way you can bond with your kid when you’re feeling the trials of a long day. Work this into your schedule as it builds up incredible feelings of intimacy. It essentially allows your baby to get used to the sounds of your voice in a peaceful setting, making it even more of a soothing circumstance. They do tend to get quite restless so if he or she is getting finicky, consider keeping them preoccupied with teething necklaces while you read.


We all want our kids to be the brightest and to meet all their milestones in due time- we can barely await those moments! But you also have a say in how fast your child reaches those milestones. For example, your child might not be able to read as of yet but reading to him, even words that he does not comprehend, helps him understand the rhythms and tones of your voice as you speak. Every child picks up on words they hear their parents speaking, so you’re going to want a lot of reading sessions.


As proven by studies, reading can boost brain power and if they are read to as newborns, they show larger vocabulary and more advanced mathematics skills. Kids who scored higher on standard tests at the age of 3 had parents that were more verbal with them. So if you want your little one to be one of the brightest kids in class, you’ll start reading and engaging with him as often as possible.


You’ll begin to notice after some time of reading to your newborn, that he reacts with his arms and legs. Reading to him allows him to learn how to respond to what he’s seeing and hearing. You just have to pick up on it!


When you read to your child, ideally your voice should take on different voices that mirror various emotions of the characters you’re mimicking. Your baby is exposed to this complexity of sounds and meaning and gradually gets used to the idea that different sounds mean different things.


Everything is a learning process for your little one. Using a simple, colourful children’s book when reading, your baby will start to focus and adjust his eyes to the shapes and colours presented on the pages. These shapes and colours he will begin to understand more about as he ages.

Reading to your kid is by far a valuable learning tool you can use to your advantage so don’t hesitate to make use of it!


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