4 Most Rewarding Career Choices to Follow

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions to make in your life.  It is, in fact, much more than what you do to make a living.  We spend approximately 71% of our time in our workplaces.  From the beginning of our career until retirement, this amounts to 31 ½ years of our life. Therefore, choosing a career that gives us the utmost satisfaction at the end of the day, cannot be overemphasized.

Most people pick a career that comes their way without much thought.  Others seem to choose a career that pays well.  Then there are careers that give you a lifetime of rewarding experiences and a very good feeling at the end of each working day.  These are careers that truly put a smile on your face as well on those whom you reach out to!  

Get Qualified! Set! Go!

Be it caring for the aged and lonely, bringing rippling laughter to kids or having a career that gives you the freedom to travel, Skills Training Leisure & Health courses can give you the necessary qualification you need for your dream job!  A qualification in leisure & health could get you through to these amazing four career choices that you will never regret you made.

1.      Community and Healthcare Services

It is not your typical 9 – 5 monotonous desk job!  Jobs in this field are varied as they are rewarding.  This could land you in a residential home or a facility, planning health and lifestyle programmes that the inmates will love.  Potential roles for you could be a Lifestyle Coordinator or a Recreation Activity Officer.  It is all about connecting with them and recognizing that they are individuals with unique needs, passions and hobbies.  It is about giving them a choice so that they can continue life. 

2.      Tourism and Recreation

If travel is more like your kind of thing, what is there to beat becoming an Events Coordinator on a cruise ship or Recreation Leader at a holiday resort?  Organizing on board entertainment on a cruise ship or overseeing recreational activities at a resort could bring a smile on your face as well as keep your guests entertained and give them a memorable experience for life.

3.      Working with Children

See the world through the eyes of a kid!  Working with children offers you great potential to find happiness and satisfaction if you love kids!  The variety of careers involving children is wider than ever.  Each child relies on various adult professionals, in a direct or indirect manner.  You could neatly fit into one of the roles of Child and Family Social Worker, Respiratory Therapist, Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Nutritionist or Dietitian, Art Therapists or Child Counsellors.

 For more joyful and fun jobs with kids, you could choose from Recreation Worker, Coach, Camp Director, and Child-Party Entertainer.  These jobs offer you more play, more pay, more laughter and more smiles for everyone!

4.      Working with Youth

Make a difference in the lives of young people, especially those who are hurting physically and emotionally!  Lend a helping hand to them so that they can come out of the deep pit life has thrown them into!  Become a Physical Therapist, Youth Counsellor, Social Worker, Coach, and Camp Director etc.  Be involved in activities that will give them confidence in themselves and gain their lost independence as well as use their skills and talents to make their dreams come true. 



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